How to turn off headphones on the phone – remove the icon (mode)

There are 2 options for how to turn off the headphones on an android phone (remove the icon) – programmatically and physically. To remove the headphone icon on your phone, you need to try to fix the problem programmatically first, these are the first 6 points below, and after moving on to physical methods, these are the last 7-9 points. If the phone fell into water or snow, or you know for sure that the connector is dirty, immediately go to step 7.

What do the headphones on the phone screen mean? If you have a headphone icon and the sound is gone, it means that the phone mistakenly determines that wired headphones are connected, when in fact there are none. Sound may not be heard during calls, or you may not be heard during a call. Also, if the headphone icon appears on the phone, then the hearing and music speaker does not work.

To be sure to turn off the headphone mode on your phone, follow the steps in this instruction ➡️ step by step ➡️ – so you are more likely to solve your problem. If all else fails, leave a comment, together we will try to figure it out 🙂 .

🔌 1. Disconnect and connect headphones – remove the headphone icon

To remove the headphone icon on the phone, you need to insert the plug from them into the phone jack and pull it out. You can try using other headphones for this.

Option 2. With headphones connected, launch some application that plays sound from YouTube. Or turn on the music player. After starting the video (song, podcast), we take out the headphones.

Option 3. To remove the headphone icon on Android, you can try to connect wireless headphonesif you have one at hand. This can shift the hung “focus” of the system.

✈️ 2. Turn on the flight mode – if the headphone icon is on

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Turning on the headphone mode may be due to the freezing of one of the communication modules. Airplane mode turns them all off.

  1. Activate flight mode.
  2. Wait a minute.
  3. Turn off flight mode.
  4. We check if the headphone icon on the phone is on.

🔁 3. Reboot the phone – this often disables the headphone icon

Restarting the phone - this often disables the headphone icon

We reboot the phone. You can do something more radical: turn it off, take out the battery (if possible), wait a minute, put the battery back and turn it on.

This is a universal way that helps to defeat many software glitches, including those when the headphone mode turned on.

🛠️ 4. Install the switcher app – a good way to turn off the headphone mode

Under Android, there are applications that switch the sound output mode: from headphones to speaker and vice versa. They look like toggle widgets. Install and use application settings. Here are a couple of the best apps to disable headphone mode:

📻 5. Additional ways – how to turn off the headphone icon


These are the latest software tricks that allow you to remove the connected headphones icon on your phone:

  1. Clear the cache of the Radio app . If you are using it. Wired headphones are usually also a radio antenna , so there are freezes.
  2. We remove the application “Radio” and other player programs . Everything you listened to with headphones. Perhaps some player does not work correctly, which caused errors.
  3. Set the alarm for 1 minute ahead . The alarm signal has a higher priority than the headphones, all system sounds and more.
  4. Connect headphones and call someone . After the connection is established (“at the other end” they answered), turn off the headphones.

🔨 6. Factory reset is a drastic option to disable wired headphone mode

If in doubt, instead of resetting to factory settings, immediately transfer the phone to specialists in a service center. Repairs of this kind will cost a penny, and you risk unknowingly aggravating the situation.

If the icon of the connected headphones remains on the phone, but the sound does not go to the speaker, Hard Reset or reset to factory settings remains. Make a backup copy of the settings / data and perform a factory reset in the phone settings. Google the reset instructions for your model if you can’t find where to do it.

Let’s take a look at the physical problems.

If all else fails, it’s probably a physical problem.

🧹 7. We clean the connector from dirt or moisture

Dust got into the connector or you got caught in the rain with headphones in your phone, missed in the snow, left them in a pool or bath, in places with high humidity. These are common reasons, after which the headphone icon is on and does not turn off.

See if there is dirt in the connector. It is better to illuminate with a flashlight with a narrow beam. If there is dirt, carefully clean the connector with a broken toothpick with a damp cloth wound and dried. The main thing is to be careful, otherwise you can break the connector

💧8. Dry the connector – if water gets into it

If headphone mode is turned on due to water, you need to dry your phone as soon as possible. Water can be a more serious problem. We take out the battery, if possible, and put it in a dry place. You can in a relatively warm, but not in the sun and not on the battery. The good old option is to dip in rice (it absorbs moisture well).

We carefully clean the connector with a broken toothpick with a damp cloth wound and dried (thanks to Uncle Sasha from the comments for the idea). The main thing is to be careful, otherwise you can break the connector

🛠️9. We go to the service center – if nothing helped

If all else fails - service center

It often happens that the contacts of the plug are closed and because of this the connector is faulty, and the phone shows that the headphones are connected. I highly do not recommend disassembling your phone if you do not have experience in this + experience in soldering.
Take your phone to a service center, this kind of repair will cost a penny. By disassembling the phone, you risk unknowingly aggravating the situation.

The best gratitude to the author is to say “thank you” in the comments 🙂 . Write, did you manage to solve your problem and how? This is how you help other people solve the problem with the burning headphone icon.

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